The Celtic Tenors – sharing Ireland’s tradition of story and song with the world.  

For over two decades, The Celtic Tenors, Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl Simpson, have been charming audiences the world over with their rich harmonies, disarming wit and radiating their love for all that is Ireland.

Along this path, The Celtic Tenors have topped the charts in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK and Ireland, and sold well over a million albums – with almost as many miles travelled as they continue to tour the world.

Be it with a symphony or in their own stage shows, The Celtic Tenors continue to innovate by side-stepping their classical roots and infusing their music with a more contemporary edge such as with the talents of Ed Sheeran and Van Morrison. Great songs and the great experiences they create are at the center of why Matt, James and Daryl perform and why they embrace a fresh and invigorating style. Along the way they have won both critical acclaim as well as “The Echo Award” in Germany for “Classical Without Boundaries” (“Klassik ohne Grenzen”).

Fans from afar now travel regularly to Ireland to experience their concerts and enjoy the local charm the lads have so warmly shared about.

As they embark on yet another decade of sharing song and smiles, The Celtic Tenors will continue to lift up the best of what is great and do their best to embody the sprit of Ireland.