The documentary Echo in the Canyon celebrates the explosion of popular music that came out of LA’s Laurel Canyon in the mid-60s.

As folk went electric during this era, bands such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas and the Papas gave birth to what we know as the “California Sound”.

Featuring Jakob Dylan, the film explores the Laurel Canyon scene via never-before-heard personal details behind the bands and their songs and how that music continues to inspire today. The film contains candid conversations and performances with Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Michelle Phillips (Mamas & the Papas), Stephen Stills (Buffalo Springfield), David Crosby (The Byrds), and Roger McGuinn (The Byrds).

Director: Andrew Slater
Cast: Buffalo Springfield, Eric Clapton, Lou Adler, The Mamas and the papas, The Beach Boys,
Runtime: 1 hour 22min
Rating: PG-13
Format: DCP
Audio: 7.1 Surround
Accessibility: Z-Screen subtitles, Audio Description (headphones), Assisted Listening (headphones)