Jon McLaughlin appears with special guest Leo Sawikin (visit

Singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin specializes in a hooky, heartfelt piano pop that has led to collaborations with the likes of Sara Bareilles and Demi Lovato. Everything in Jon’s life makes its way into his music, whether he’s conscious of it or not. The artist, raised in Indiana and based in Nashville, brings all of his experiences and beliefs into each song he creates, something that is especially true now that he’s the father of two young girls.

After releasing an eponymous solo album as a college student in 2004, he debuted on the Billboard 200 with 2007’s Indiana and performed the Oscar-nominated song “So Close” from that year’s Enchanted. He made his fifth straight appearance on the U.S. album chart with 2013’s Holding My Breath. He’s a modern-day virtuoso pianist with thoughtful lyrics and melodies, akin to Billy Joel or Elton John.

Jon released his debut album, Indiana, in 2007 on Island Def Jam, attracting fans with his heartfelt, hook-laden songwriting and impassioned delivery. He’s released six full-lengths in the years since and revealed a true evolution in both his piano playing and singing. He’s played shows with Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson and Adele, collaborated with longtime friend Sara Bareilles, co-written with Demi Lovato and even performed at the Academy Awards in 2008.

As with everything he does, Jon’s goal is to create connections. He wants to translate his experiences and ideas into music that reaches fans everywhere. His passion for music and playing is evident in each note he plays.