Rasa String Quartet performs a program featuring the connected works of three composers: Turina, Wie and Mendelssohn, which they have titled Heroes. Heroes delves into the broad concept of “heroism,” exploring its profound impact on the birth of musical expression. Join Rasa String Quartet on this riveting odyssey through the minds of  Spanish, Korean, and German composers as they reveal how their respective versions of “heroes” fueled their imagination and shaped the essence of their art.

Joaquín Turina:
La oración del torero (The Bullfighter’s Prayer), Op. 34
Jungyoon Wie: A Popular Tune for string quartet
Felix Mendelssohn: String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 13

About Rasa String Quartet

The Boston-based Rasa String Quartet finds its niche exploring the musical space where classical and folk traditions intersect and influence one another.

The Quartet are winners of the 2022 Associazione Europea Di Musica E Comunicazione International Chamber Music Competition (Italy,) the 2021 Music Teachers National Association Chamber Music Competition (ATL,) the 2020 Chamber Music Yellow Springs Competition (OH,) and served as the 2022-23 ensemble-in-residence at Phillips Exeter Academy. The quartet can be found collaborating with the preeminent folk musicians of today, performing their programs in venues and festivals around the country, and participating in artistic and educational residencies at a variety of institutions.

By exploring the connection between music and storytelling at the heart of folk traditions, Rasa String Quartet delivers engaging and accessible programs that showcase works from a variety of cultures and highlight unknown composers. They seek to educate their audiences by contextualizing the genres, styles, and composers they present, inviting their listeners to approach both familiar and unfamiliar sounds with an open and curious mind.

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