If you hear someone mention “Tom Petty Tribute Band”, and you think blonde wigs or dyed blonde hair and a mediocre-at-best vocal performance, then you haven’t been to a Breakers show.

The Breakers are a no frills rock band who meticulously encompass the Tom Petty sound and musically establish an emotional connection with the crowd that’s palpable. When asked why they didn’t take the impersonation and prop-driven approach, founder Tom Smith says “we wanted to approach the tribute genre as a true live band, and in (lead vocalist) Chris Chartier we have what no one else has – the most genuine sounding Petty experience in the country”.

All the members of The Breakers come from a background of recording and touring with original bands and performing the music of The Heartbreakers with the same passion and dedication. They have paid tireless attention to detail to each and every song which appeals to both casual and diehard Tom Petty fans alike. Since the fall of 2018 when Tom Smith, Chris Chartier, Evan Smith, Rick Hiller, Tom Booth and Steve George joined forces, they have been practicing and honing their sound.

Debuting the band in August of 2019 in Newport RI to an emotional and packed house, the Breakers proved to be the real deal. Their next show would be a sell out at the Narrows center for the arts in Fall River MA.With only a handful of performances under their collective belt The Breakers were approached and signed exclusivly with Blue Raven Entertainment and are currently booking venues through-out the US. If you want to experience Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers music there’s only one band that can deliver that sound authentically, and its The Breakers. 

Visit: thebreakersband.com