Starry-eyed country girl Peggy Pepper (Marion Davies) dreams of being a movie star. So that she can begin her career, she persuades her father (Dell Henderson) to take her to Hollywood. After a rough start, Pepper catches a break when she meets small-time studio liaison Billy Boone (William Haines), who lands her a job acting in a cheap slapstick comedy. Pepper quickly makes a name for herself and is signed for more high-profile projects, much to the dismay of Boone, who is falling for her.

The film has a remarkable number of cameo appearances from some of the top stars of the day, including Charlie ChaplinDouglas FairbanksNorma Talmadge, and others.

The film is presented with live music accompaniment by New Hampshire-based composer and silent film accompanist Jeff Rapsis.

Director: King Vedor
Cast:  Marion Davies, William Haines, Dell Henderson
Rating: N/R
Runtime: 1 hour 23mins
Release Date: 1928
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Audio: Live musical accompaniment

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