Starting April 2, 2024, patrons will have the option to download digital tickets for events at TCAN.

Digital technology is changing the way we do things, and events are no exception. The days of paper tickets and long lines for admission are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more venues turn to digital ticketing with event tickets conveniently stored in attendees’ smart devices.

TCAN is delighted to announce the launch of digital ticketing for all concert and movie events, effective April 2, 2024. Patrons will have the option to select “Email” as a delivery method at time of purchase, for tickets purchased online or by phone. Digital tickets will be delivered via email, with convenient download links provided on the order confirmation, and also on the pre-event email sent to ticketed patrons a few days prior to the event. TCAN members may also view their mobile tickets when logged into their online member account.

For all events, patrons will be asked to scan their digital tickets, or printed tickets, upon entry at a scanning station located near the entrance of the venue. We have developed a scanning process that is quick and easy.

What you need to know:

  • Don’t panic – paper tickets are still available. For tickets purchased before April 2, tickets will be printed and available at the Box Office as usual. For tickets purchased April 2 or later, patrons may still select “Will Call” as their ticket delivery method. Please give digital ticketing a try – it’s fast, secure, and better for the environment.
  • Digital tickets can be downloaded to any mobile phone. Any iPhone version 6 or later supports the Apple Wallet app. Google Wallet is available on any Android device on version 5 or higher. Both devices support digital tickets delivered by our ticketing software.
  • Do I really have to add tickets to my digital wallet? Nope! Opening the online ticket on your phone from a link in your email notification will display the scanner code and work just fine. You can also print the code at home from your desktop and use that printed version for scanning and entry.
  • Digital ticketing will be available for (pretty much) all events. We won’t have digital ticketing available for Open Mic events, or some community events and fundraisers, but users can choose “Email” as a ticket delivery method for all live performances and movie screenings starting April 2.
  • Ticket scanning is painless. We tested several scanning devices and processes during the last 60 days, and we are ready for a smooth roll-out with two scanning stations. Your printed or digital tickets will be scanned at admittance, confirming your tickets are valid and have not been scanned previously.
  • Groups with digital tickets will be admitted when the entire group is present. All of your digital tickets will be sent by email to the ticket buyer. To keep our ticket lines moving quickly, we ask that all members of your party be present before you have your tickets scanned.
  • Can I transfer a digital ticket to someone else? Ticket transfer functionality is not available at this time. If a patron wishes to share a ticket with a fellow attendee, they may take a screenshot of the ticket on their mobile device and text that image to their friend. We will scan and admit only the first patron who presents that ticket, so be careful!
  • What if I forgot to download my digital tickets? A link to download your digital tickets will be available on the order confirmation email sent to you following your purchase, and again on the pre-event email we’ll send you a few days before the event. Order confirmation emails are sent from “TCAN Box Office” to help you find them easily. Again, our box office staff will be available to help.

We will update the Event FAQs page of this website with information to address your questions regarding digital ticketing and scanning. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we make this important transition to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly ticketing solution.

Thank you!
The TCAN Box Office Staff