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TCAN Mainstage

Imagine you were experiencing a concert at your favorite venue in Boston’s theatre district, seated in one of the first 10 rows.

Every seat at TCAN is that good.


The Center for Arts in Natick


  • 14 Summer St
    Natick, MA 01760
  • (508) 647-0097


TCAN is configured as an intimate listening room, with no seats located further than ten rows from the stage. TCAN’s primary performance space is roughly 3,000 square feet in size and has seating for 270 patrons. In the rear of the room are a tech booth for audio and lighting engineers, and a merchandise area in the back corner. A fully-equipped concession stand is located in the lobby, serving an assortment of snacks and beverages at most performances.

Additional Information

  • TCAN offers beer and wine service at all feature performances to patrons with acceptable ID.
  • Accessible seating is available online or through the TCAN Box Office for patrons requiring special accommodations.
  • The seating plan is used for most concert performances, with all seats reserved.

For Performers: Technical Specifications


The stage is 25’ x 12’ and is raised approximately 19” off the floor. Due to headroom issues, TCAN does not provide or accommodate any risers on stage.

NOTE: No PA or lighting equipment may be be used as a substitute, or supplement, to TCAN house systems without the prior express approval of venue management. Questions related to audio equipment should be referred to TCAN’s house sound engineer, Joe Idzal at joeidzal@natickarts.org.

audio system
  • FRONT OF HOUSE (Stereo L & R mains, out fills in summed mono)
  • SPEAKERS: (3) D&B Audiotechnik Q10 mains, (1) D&B Audiotechnik 10S-D side fill, (1) D&B Audiotechnik E-6 center fill (all flown); (2) Meyer Sound 500-HP active subwoofers
  • POWER AMPS/SYSTEM PROCESSING: ((3) D&B Audiotechnik D-6 two-channel amplifier/processors
  • CONSOLE: Midas M32 digital console. 40 input channels, 32 Midas microphone preamplifiers, 25 mix busses (details here: http://www.midasconsoles.com/products/index.php?M32)
  • OUTBOARD: TC Electronic M-One dual engine digital effects processor, TC Electronic D-Two multi-tap rhythm delay unit
  • OTHER: Denon Bluray / USB Stereo Player; 32 channel Main XLR audio snake with 8 XLR returns; (1) 12-input XLR Stage sub-snake, (1) 20-input XLR Stage sub-snake
  • (4) EAW LA212 12″ stage monitor
  • (1) EAW LA215 15″ stage monitor
  • (2) Yorkville TM12 12″ stage monitor
  • (2) QSC PL236 stereo amplifiers
  • (1) Crest CA9 stereo amplifier
  • (1) Crown CE1000 stereo amplifier
  • DYNAMIC: (2) Telefunken M80, (6) Shure SM58, (2) Shure Beta 58A, (6) Shure SM57, Shure Beta 52, (2) Sennheiser e609
  • CONDENSER: (2) Neumann KMS 105, (2) AKG C414 B-XLS, Shure KSM 109, Shure Beta 87A, (3) Crown CM31, Rode NT-4 Stereo X-Y (installed in front of stage), Shure Beta 91A
  • WIRELESS: (4) Shure PGX24/58 handheld, (2) Shure PGX Lavalier, Countryman E6 head-worn cardioid
  • DRUM MICS: Digital Reference: KX1 Kick, (3) STX1 Cardioid Dynamic, (2) HX1 Condenser
  • DIRECT BOXES: (2) Countryman Type 10 active; (2) Radial AV2 stereo passive; (3) Whirlwind passive; (4) generic passive
  • BASS AMPS: Ampeg SVT-CL all tube head (300 watts) SVT 410HLF 4×10” cabinet; Gallien-Krueger Backline 2×10” combo bass amp (175w)
  • GUITAR AMP: Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Blackface Reissue tube guitar amp (85w)
  • KEYBOARD: Nord Stage 2 EX electronic keyboard with 88 weighted keys
  • PIANO: 7′ 6″ Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano*
  • NOTE: Yamaha Grand Piano resides on the stage. The piano will remain on stage for all performances unless TCAN management provides express, written approval at least two weeks in advance of the performance to have the piano removed from the stage. Expenses to have the piano taken off stage may be borne by the artist.
Rental equipment

For music equipment needs not met by our in-house inventory, The Center for Arts in Natick works with our partner Bergsten Music in Hingham, MA. Bergsten Music provides pro-sound and backline rentals including guitars, keyboards and amplifiers; drum kits and percussion, microphones, stage lighting and other essentials. Artists may visit Bergsten Music online at bergstenmusic.com.

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